“When She’s Bored, She Falls Asleep” — How Felicitas Hauer of Building Radar Works

In our #CoronaUpdate, Building Radar founder Leopold Neuerburg just recently told us about how the Munich proptech company is doing. Now we’ve had a chance to learn even more by talking with Felicitas Hauer, Account Executive at Building Radar, about her daily work routine in the company with a team of 50 employees. In our series ‘How They Work,’ startup founders and employees talk about their favorite tools, routines and work methods. 

Munich Startup: What does your morning routine look like?

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: I set my alarm so I wake up based on my sleep cycles (to not interrupt deep sleep stages, in a rhythm of roughly one and half hours). Then I use Duolingo and learn a round of Spanish or Italian to keep up or improve my language proficiency. To wake up, I drink a big glass of water and make coffee in my little Italian moka pot. While it’s brewing, I briefly straighten up my apartment. Then I do 20 minutes of yoga – after experiencing the corona situation in particular, I realized not only how important exercise is, but also stretching and taking a short break. Then I take my coffee along with me into the bathroom and my closet. Then I usually already have my first talk with a customer before hopping onto my bike and taking my five minute ride to the office.

Munich Startup: What is your favorite tool at work?

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: I never thought I would say this, because I actually have virtually everything in my head. But after twenty meetings or more that are full of valuable information each day, it’s very useful to be able to save my notes in a structured way in Salesforce. For private organization, I use Asana or my calendar.

Munich Startup: Which three apps are must-haves?

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: Spotify, WhatsApp and PayPal – which isn’t particularly original, but we’re talking about must-haves. 

Munich Startup: Which Munich event is a must?

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: Bits and Pretzels.

What do Getting to Yes and Pippi Longstocking have to do with one another?

Munich Startup: What book would you recommend? 

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In and Pippi Longstocking. Getting to Yes not only helps with negotiations, but also simplifies decision making with the question: What is my best alternative? Applied to a business context, that has helped me so far. Pippi Longstocking helps you stay a bit crazy and do your own thing in a world characterized by conformity. That is very important to me personally, because assessing the relevance of what you do is the most crucial aspect of life.

Munich Startup: What is your favorite kind of meeting?

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: That depends on the meeting. For 80 percent of meetings, I think online conferences are great. They save time and everyone keeps it brief, but you can still see each other and understand each other better. For some meetings, however, it’s important to meet in person because that is much better for establishing trust, closeness and common ground.

Munich Startup: What inhibits your motivation in daily business?

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: Having too many external to-dos on the table. The more independently I can work, the more motivated I am. From a bird’s eye view, it’s extremely helpful for me to know where I’ll be in six months, where I’ll be in two years and where I’ll be in five years or more. The clearer the image I have of each point in time, the more important my work seems to me and the more motivated I am to give 100 percent.

Felicitas Hauer: Energy for the whole day

Munich Startup: What gives you a boost of motivation at work?

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: When I start the day successfully. The more things I successfully complete at the beginning of the day, the more I want to hit the gas for the rest of the day. My mom once said to me: “Felicitas needs challenges to meet, when she’s bored, she falls asleep.” I think that sums it up quite well.

Munich Startup: How do you end your workday?

Felicitas Hauer, Building Radar: I don’t really have an evening routine. I go through my written notes to make sure nothing gets lost, but that’s about it. Once I’m on my bike, I think about the highlights of the day and often visit friends and we cook together, go out to eat and, most importantly, talk a lot.