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Coach Now: Online Coaching for Young Professionals

The internet platform Coach Now offers companies various digital coaching programs for young professionals and young executives. These groups can now easily get advice from professionals via video chat – to talk about anything from being integrated into the new team, time or stress management, work processes, a successful job start or self-reflection. The aim is to make it easier for young professionals and young executives to start their new jobs.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Valentin (37), and after many years in a large corporation, I asked myself why our top graduates are so often at a complete loss. In other words: Young professionals and young executives are often extremely overwhelmed by career topics, and there aren’t enough competent and neutral individuals to speak with briefly.

That’s why I founded Coach Now in 2017 – the first internet coaching platform specially catered towards young professionals and young executives. You can book a coaching appointment 24/7 within minutes. One of our coaches will then offer quick assistance on how to deal with concrete career issues via video chat. Our product is targeted towards companies that would like to individually support their young, high-potential employees and executives with coaching packages without throwing tons of money out the window for ineffective advanced training. Customized solutions such as Coach-Now-as-a-Service make it possible for many of our customers to offer digital coaching directly within their company.

Coach Now finds the right consultant with a matching algorithm

2. But that’s nothing out of the box!

Coaching? Of course! However, coaches usually only want to coach executives and board members – very few coaches focus on the younger generation. Coaching platforms? Yes, there are a few. You do, however, need to look carefully to see if they are backed by a clear concept and where their focus lies. Most platforms are just match-making platforms – you’re given long lists, but still don’t have any clue which coach you should talk with. On other coaching platforms, you get stylish dashboards and lots of ready-made content, but that doesn’t actually help you solve your individual problem.

That’s why we focus on real-time video chats with a pro and use our matching algorithm to offer precise preselection. As a result, you know you’ll be talking with just the right coach and someone who is a good fit. Moreover, we use professional selection and a multi-stage process to ensure the quality of our coaches and that our coaches speak the same language as our target group.

3. What are the three main ingredients in your recipe for success?

Commitment, listening and knowing with absolute certainty that we’re helping so many young people at the beginning of their professional lives.

4. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: How is business going?

Awesome. We’re growing massively right now – especially in more conservative industries that have to orient themselves more towards younger employees due to demographic change, and we’re excited to have fantastic customers. Because we’re in the coaching industry where trust plays a major role, I’m sure you’ll understand why we can’t go around showing off with the names of our customers. Name-dropping isn’t our style anyway.

Boom-city Munich

5. What does Munich mean to you?

Part of our team grew up here. And, our team members who are located elsewhere always look forward to being able to come to the most beautiful city in the world. The proximity to our customers is also an advantage – and the booming city of Munich has a few major players to offer. Having a direct link is certainly a locational advantage compared to other cities. We feel the Munich startup scene is less hyped and is more sound and reputable instead. There’s no build-up about “the next big thing.” Instead, you have young entrepreneurs who wish to make their customers a value proposition with their companies and become successful as a result.

6. How will your startup become the next unicorn? Or will we be seeing you at an Epic Fail Night soon?

To be honest, I don’t understand the whole unicorn hype. What’s wrong with establishing a sound company with happy customers, where it’s possible to pay employees and healthy growth leads to economic success? I think it’s a pity that so many founders start off with big dreams and want too much too fast and then end up not being able to pay their bills after the hype has worn off. That’s not how we work. So I don’t think we’ll become a unicorn or that we’ll end up at an Epic Fail Night either.

7. Hiking or beer garden?

Beer garden. A lot of people wish they had the same kind of culture – it’s often been copied, but never successfully!