Nominate your favorite Munich Startup for the Startup Guide

Soon Munich will have its own “Startup Guide” as a  printed version. You do have a favorite Munich Startup?  Everyone can contribute to the book by nominating the people they want to see included till June 12th, 2017.

The Entrepreneur’s Handbook will be packed with inspiration, how-to’s, local case studies and tips for starting up, thus creating a guide to anyone interested in starting up in Munich.

Insights into the Munich  startup scene

After all, there is so much going on in the Munich ecosystem that sometimes it’s hard to keep track, besides our Startup Stories and our Munich Startup Map. The Startup Guide Munich will reveal a profound insight into the flourishing startup scene of Munich.

“Revolutionary ideas become business reality”

Startup Guide has partnered with MUST – The Munich Summit who will be the local project owner and facilitator. Tina Höfinghoff from MUST – The Munich Summit says:

“With the first Startup Guide Munich, we put the spotlight on the great Bavarian entrepreneurial ecosystem and prove that Bavaria is as a strong startup location and technology hub.

Munich offers unparalleled match-making and networking events by bringing the best of the best together: the most renowned universities, top industry players, a great investor community and a vibrant tech startup scene. In this spot, revolutionary ideas become business reality and extraordinary deals are made – in one of the world’s most promising cities.”

The initiator of the Startup Guide books shares her thoughts on Munich

Sissel Hansen, the initiator of the Startup Guide books, has kept an eye on Germany’s unofficial southern capital for quite a while.

‘”Munich is a city where great ideas have the potential of becoming really successful. Apart from having a lot of natural advantages the thriving startup scene of Munich is supported by many different players, including top universities and a rather big group of local venture capital players”,

says Sissel Hansen.

Everyone can contribute to the book by nominating the people they want to see included, you can submit your nominations here. The deadline for the nominations is June 12th, 2017.

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