Franziska Scheuerle, the founder of Loremo.
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Loremo: Just Three Clicks Away from a Personalized Work of Art

The Munich startup Loremo is a digital platform where B2B and B2C customers can order personalized works of art. With its artwork platform, Loremo aims to not only make offices and homes more colorful, but also wants to make people happy. The name is made up of the words color and emotions, CoLOREMOtions. We interviewed its founder, Franziska Scheuerle.

Munich Startup: Who are you and what do you do? Please introduce yourselves!

Franziska Scheuerle, founder of Loremo: We are a statement art label that was founded in late 2019. Loremo embodies not only a personal passion for abstract art and bold, expressive color combinations, but also aims to offer autodidactic artists a platform to increase their visibility – in contrast to the classic, traditional art business. After all, Pablo Picasso was also an autodidact. In the traditional art scene, autodidactic artists have a very difficult time increasing their visibility because the classic art market is characterized by a system of exorbitantly expensive art academies that then work closely with gallery owners, auction houses and museums.

An artist at work.

Our concept is on the cutting edge of the digital age and embodies a modern, fresh flair. For me personally, art is absolute joie de vivre. Furnishings and works of art communicate a particular image and an exclusive lifestyle. My aspiration is to convey this exclusivity and expressiveness in my own color combinations to give our customers statement works of art that perfectly match their interior design for a distinctive aesthetic finishing touch.

Just three clicks for a perfectly personalized work of art

Munich Startup: What problem does your startup solve?

Franziska Scheuerle, Loremo: Many people encounter the same problem. They move into a new apartment or are building a house. Their first round of furniture is delivered and assembled, and their home is basically finished, but there’s still something missing. “Honey, I think we need some pictures,” is what about 95% of people discover. You then have exactly two options: Art prints, which aren’t suitable in terms of value or color. Or expensive pieces of investment art from renowned artists. But that’s something you first have to be able to afford.

The artists at Loremo work with expressive colors with an extremely high degree of brilliance, which they put on the canvas in a modern and abstract style with passion and an eye for detail. After all, color can improve our awareness, boost our mood and increase our sense of well-being. Our digital platform aims to integrate the power of expressive colors into our daily lives while also creating statement works of art that match our customers’ characters and personalities. We have developed a simple concept that our B2C and B2B customers can use to select the desired size, colors and style with just a few clicks in the ‘Colorupyourroom’ or ‘Colorupyourstore’ category.

For anyone who is not quite sure about whether their colors match their interior design, our color experts help with personalized color and style consultations to find the “perfect match.”

Loremo wants to communicate a new attitude towards life

Munich Startup: But that’s nothing out of the box!

Franziska Scheuerle, Loremo: The business of “commissioned art” from individual artists does already exist. What doesn’t exist, however, is the concept as a platform for autodidactic artists with a bold modern brand right on the cutting edge of the digital age. We want to communicate a new attitude towards life that is full of expressiveness. We want to put perfectly coordinated, aesthetic designs in homes and offices. And we want to break into the traditional art market and provide a platform for all of the artists who were never able to enjoy the luxury of an expensive art academy to put them on the radar of gallery owners, auction houses and curators.

Munich Startup: What have been your three biggest challenges so far?

Loremo wants to put perfectly coordinated, aesthetic works of art in homes and offices.

Franziska Scheuerle, Loremo: The biggest challenge is staying power. There will always be days when you think: “Can we do all this?” When founding, many underestimate that you start out as a company with one or two people that has to cover all of the skills of an ordinary company. You can outsource and buy skills, but every founder has to first establish things on their own. That can lead to sleepless nights, especially when you’re going to university full-time at the same time like me.

What has really helped me are my nine years of professional experience. But meeting with suppliers, for example, is something I had never done before. That has made my motto “Just do it” – I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in such a short time before. It’s challenging, but that’s also what makes it so interesting and multifaceted. Every day is different.

The question “Why am I doing this?” is one I’ve never asked myself. Because my motto is definitely “Do what you love.” And Loremo is everything I have ever wanted: pure passion for aesthetics, design and art.

“In five years, we would like to have: lots of happy customers.”

Munich Startup: How is business going?

Franziska Scheuerle, Loremo: We’re currently working an a variety of projects. That includes filming our first corporate video in August, which will be broadcast at the end of year on our social media channels and website. Our brand book was recently printed and our company website was launched. In September, we would like to apply for the ISM founder award, and our first crowdfunding campaign will start at the end of the year, which is something we’re very excited about.

The facts and figures are in our business plan. But in brief – in five years, we would like one thing above all else: lots of happy customers.

Munich Startup: What do you think about Munich as a startup location?

Franziska Scheuerle, Loremo: My experience has been nothing but positive so far. Munich provides excellent opportunities with lots of coworking spaces and startup support programs. So much is offered and you always have the opportunity to take part in interesting coaching, pitches, talks or networking events. Moreover, the clientele is perfect for statement art brands like Loremo.

Munich Startup: Home cooking or take out?

Franziska Scheuerle, Loremo: Home cooking. That being said, I like cooking with friends more than on my own. Cooking is relaxing for me after a hard day of work. And a good wine with friends or a cold beer on the banks of the Isar are the moments that matter.