Hawa Dawa Team



Hawa Dawa: Clean Air for Everyone with IoT and Smart Data

The Munich startup Hawa Dawa is committed to air quality. Which is appropriate considering that air pollution control is currently…

Dr. Therese Tönnies



When Enthusiasm and Variety Come Together – An Interview with Dr. Therese Tönnies from Qolware

Neuropsychologist Dr. Therese Tönnies served as a human-machine expert for a company in the healthcare field for some time. Together…

Holidu Team



“Anything Is Possible with Good Ideas and Hard Work” – A Profile of Holidu

The Munich startup Holidu is a search engine for vacation rentals. The company was founded in 2014 by Johannes and…

Blickfeld Team



Sensor Startup Blickfeld: “A Major Hype”

The Munich startup Blickfeld was founded in 2016 and builds LiDAR sensors, which can be used for autonomous driving or…

Munevo Team



“Keep on Going!” – an Interview with Health Startup Munevo

The last time we spoke with Claudiu Leverenz, founder of the health startup Munevo, his company was still called Glasschair. …

Franzi Majer



“Speak up and ask” — an Interview with Franzi Majer from Catchys

At the Munich startup Catchys, a lot has happened since our first interview about a year ago: They just successfully…

Vemcon founders



Vemcon: Passionate About Construction Sites, Excavators and Digitalization

The Munich startup Vemcon automates excavators and other mobile machinery such as graders or wheel loaders. On their path from…




flissade: Flexible Living Space turns Utopia into Reality

The Munich startup flissade has created flexible space that is living space and balcony all in one. With their patented…

Motius team



Profile: Motius – A Speedboat for Agile Project Implementation

The startup Motius is a research and development company. The Munich firm specializes in the latest technology and builds products…

Brabbler Team



Brabbler Profile: How the GMX Founders are Creating a New Messenger

The Munich startup Brabbler is developing a communication platform that aims to ensure privacy for private individuals and confidentiality for…

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