Dagmar Schuller, audEERING

Munich Movers


“Don’t Set Any Limits!” – an Interview with Dagmar Schuller from audEERING

Dagmar Schuller founded her company audEERING in 2012 with a small team and very little seed capital. Building something new…

Rike Brand, Spyra

Munich Movers


A Founder’s Secret Weapon: A Water Gun – an Interview with Rike Brand from Spyra

Rike Brand is multifaceted. She’s an ethnologist and has a Master’s degree in Public Policy — and is quite multifaceted…

Angelika Kneidl

Munich Movers


A Founder’s Secret Weapons: A Good Attitude, Inquisitiveness and Open-Mindedness – an Interview with Angelika Kneidl from accu:rate

Angelika Kneidl is a founder of accu:rate GmbH. Founded together with Florian Sesser in 2016 in Munich, the startup for…

Katharina Kreitz Vectoflow

Munich Movers


“As a Woman in Tech, You Have to Accomplish More Than Men” — an Interview with Katharina Kreitz from Vectoflow

“Hardware is so out” — that’s an opinion Katharina Kreitz hears quite often. But her success proves otherwise. Business is going…

“An Unbelievable Amount is Happening in Digitization Right Now”: An interview with Employment Agency Head Wilfried Hüntelmann

Munich Movers


“An Unbelievable Amount is Happening in Digitization Right Now”: An interview with Employment Agency Head Wilfried Hüntelmann

There is a rule of thumb for gauging the impact of the job market on happenings in the startup scene:…

Philipp Lahm, Bavarian Minister of Economics Ilse Aigner and Hauke Schwiezer, founder of Startup Teens (photo: Munich Startup)

Munich Movers


World Champion and Startup Investor: an Interview with Philipp Lahm

During his athletic career, Philipp Lahm reached nearly every conceivable goal for a soccer player: German champion, cup winner, winner…

Manfred Broy

Munich Movers


Professor Manfred Broy: “The Munich Ecosystem Has Major Potential”

Digitalization and the transition that accompanies it are seriously challenging the business world. An individual who deals with this subject…

Munich Venture Partners

Munich Movers


“We Need to be Braver!” – Daniel Vukovic from Munich Venture Partners

To find out what matters to investors when it comes to startups and how to attract more venture capital to…

Felix Haas Bits & Pretzels

Munich Movers


6 Things Investors Are Sick of Hearing – Hashtag Interview with Bits & Pretzels Host Felix Haas

Felix Haas is a co-host of the Bits & Pretzels Festival, an investor and a successful founder. With Munich Startup,…

Bernd Storm Bits & Pretzels

Munich Movers


#KeepOnGoing – Hashtag Interview with Bits & Pretzels Founder Bernd Storm

Keep on going: in our hashtag interview, Dr. Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande, co-founder of Bits & Pretzels and aboalarm, shares…

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