Munich Venture Partners

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“We Need to be Braver!” – Daniel Vukovic from Munich Venture Partners

To find out what matters to investors when it comes to startups and how to attract more venture capital to…

Felix Haas Bits & Pretzels

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6 Things Investors Are Sick of Hearing – Hashtag Interview with Bits & Pretzels Host Felix Haas

Felix Haas is a co-host of the Bits & Pretzels Festival, an investor and a successful founder. With Munich Startup,…

Bernd Storm Bits & Pretzels

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#KeepOnGoing – Hashtag Interview with Bits & Pretzels Founder Bernd Storm

Keep on going: in our hashtag interview, Dr. Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande, co-founder of Bits & Pretzels and aboalarm, shares…

Peter Schwarzenbauer

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Autonomous, Electric & Fully Connected – BMW Board Member Peter Schwarzenbauer on the Future of Mobility

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, Customer Engagement and Digital Business…

Andreas Buckschlögl Bits & Pretzels

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6 Marketing Tips from Bits & Pretzels Founder Andreas Bruckschlögl

Andreas Bruckschlögl, co-founder of and Bits & Pretzels, shares the best marketing tips for founders and startups. #1 Know…

Taking Risks? That’s Business as Usual! – Interview with Foodora founder Konstantin Mehl

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Taking Risks? That’s Business as Usual! – Interview with Foodora founder Konstantin Mehl

We spoke with Konstantin Mehl. The serial founder puts an end to the long-standing rumor that his startup Foodora had…

Markus Sauerhammer Startnext

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“If You Want to Win People Over, You Have to Be Able to Tell a Good Story” – An Interview with Markus Sauerhammer from Startnext

An increasing number of startups are discovering crowdfunding as a potential financing option. Whether it involves more than simply “bringing…

Cook and Code

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Why Coding is Important for Everyone: a Guest Article by Alex Hoffmann

For the past year, we have been offering coding workshops for total beginners at COOK and CODE in Munich. Coding…


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Air Taxis for Everyone: An Interview with Lilium CEO Daniel Wiegand

We spoke with Daniel Wiegand, CEO and co-founder of the electric aircraft startup Lilium, about the company’s future plans, their…


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“Major Shift in the Market”: An Interview with Senovo Partner Markus Grundmann

The Munich-based investment company Senovo was launched five years ago. Private investors had commissioned Frederick von Mallinckrodt and Alexander Buchberger…

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