Investor Scene

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What’s the Munich Investor Scene Like?

2018 was a record-setting year for VC investments in German startups, and Munich startups also received a big piece of…

Markus Sauerhammer

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Promoting Social Entrepreneurship: Interview with SEND Chairman Markus Sauerhammer

Markus Sauerhammer sits on the board of the network Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (SEND) and spends his days working…


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“Only Those Who Persevere Succeed” – Crowdfunding Tips from Raumio

What can you do if you hardly have enough room at home, but you really need to have your home…


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German “Limited” Companies: Beware the Brexit!

The pending Brexit can be dangerous for many smaller companies in Germany that were founded using the British legal form…

digital health

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Digital Health – What’s going on in the Munich ecosystem?

The Munich region is one of Germany’s outstanding locations for medical technology — so how is the local digital health…


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“IoT Lights up the Dark” – How Munich Startups Are Involved

The Internet of Things, abbreviated to IoT, is something everyone is talking about. How strong is IoT in Munich? And…

startups and corporates

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David with Goliath — Cooperation Between Startups and Corporates

Digitalization is progressing at breathtaking speed and, slowly but surely, the German economy’s heavyweights have also realized that innovations are…

Cultural Entrepreneurship Lab

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Passion for Creative Work: Cultural and Creative Industries

Music, literature, art, film, design, games — the cultural and creative industries are multi-faceted. Cultural entrepreneurs and experts let us…

Future prospects study

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Germany’s Best Prospects are in Munich

Munich is doing well — and will continue doing so according to a recent study. The Bavarian capital is once…


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Startup Study Deems Munich a Prime Location

A few weeks ago, PwC published a study on German startups. The consulting company has now presented the results from…