Retorio founders Christoph Hohenberger, Patrick Oehler and Abdurrahman Namli (from the left)

7 Questions


Retorio: Recruiting with Artificial Intelligence

Retorio analyzes applicant videos to help find the right person among the candidates for an open position. The startup combines…

Sarita Bradly, GoBunion

7 Questions


Lions’ Den Startup Gobunion: Femtech for Your Feet

The Munich startup Gobunion is a great example of femtech. After all, a ‘hallux valgus’ — also known as a…


7 Questions


Gratisbroker: “We Want to Really Shake Up the German Brokerage Market”

Customers can trade securities for free with Gratisbroker. In our Seven Questions, the founders explain how their company still manages…


7 Questions


Beducated: Netflix of Sexual Education

The Munich-based sextech startup Beducated wants to improve the sexual lives of their customers with online courses. The founding couple…


7 Questions


Enwikuna: Job Platform for IT and Programming Projects

The job platform Enwikuna aims to help independent IT specialists and programmers land the right projects. It also offers practical…


7 Questions


Nethansa: Automation for Amazon Sellers

Nethansa makes life easier for sellers on Amazon with its platform Clipperion. We asked the Munich-based company with Polish roots…


7 Questions


Cesonia: Collaboration Platform for Product Development

The Munich startup Cesonia plans to conquer the product development market with its collaboration solution. We asked the young company…


7 Questions


Localstoring: Airbnb for Storage Space

One person has space in their basement, the other doesn’t know where to put their things. That’s the perfect situation…

Socialwave GmbH

7 Questions


Socialwave: WiFi Hotspots and Marketing Modules

The Munich startup Socialwave offers WiFi hotspot devices for owners of cafés, hotels, doctor’s offices, etc. with a marketing module…


7 Questions


Mobiko: The Digital Mobility Budget

The mobility startup Mobiko has an app up its sleeve that companies’ employees can use to invoice all of their…

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