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Startup Stories


Innovation to Fight Climate Change — A talk with ClimateLaunchpad

…t is ClimateLaunchpad? ClimateL…


7 Questions


Worldwatchers: An App to Measure Your Carbon Footprint

…for climate protection To make…

NOAH Conference 2018

Startup Stories


The Noah Conference – An Almost-President and Lots of Female Founders

…s of climate change, indication…

Hawa Dawa Team



Hawa Dawa: Clean Air for Everyone with IoT and Smart Data

…tive Climate KIC; followed imme…


Munich Movers


Mobility in Cities of the Future – Interview with Parkhere and Veomo

…made climate friendly and susta…

Polarstern Founders



Polarstern Profile – “The Energy Transition Needs to Happen Globally”

…with climate or compensation as…


Success Story


tado°: The Right Temperature With the Internet of Things

…onal climate karma – it also ha…

SWM Boss Dr. Florian Bieberbach

Munich Movers


How Stadtwerke München Cooperates with Startups: An Interview with SWM Boss Dr. Bieberbach

…ead. Climate-neutral energy sup…

Günes Seyfarth

Munich Movers


“Thinking in Entrepreneurial Terms is a Way of Life” — An Interview with Günes Seyfarth

…ion, climate protection, politi…

Bits and Pretzels 2019

Startup Stories


Bits and Pretzels 2019: “There are Gretas everywhere”

…d on climate activist Greta Thu…

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