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A talk with… impact investor Better Ventures

Better Ventures is a Munich-based venture capital firm founded by Tina Dreimann, Cedric Duvinage and Christoph Behn in 2020. Set up as an impact angel club by founders for founders, the VC invests in particular in impact startups, i.e. scalable business models that offer solutions to social or ecological problems. The focus is on early-stage startups. Better Ventures has invested in Munich-based startups Everdrop, Logistikbude and Ocell, for example. In this interview, Tina Dreimann explains how the venture capital provider works, what she looks out for as an investor and what is a no-go when pitching.

Munich Startup: Please briefly introduce Better Ventures.

Tina Dreimann, co-founder of Better Ventures: We are Better Ventures, a curated network of like-minded entrepreneurs investing in ambitious impact founders. We are dedicated to the mission of helping impact teams succeed by connecting them with the best investors. In addition to capital, we offer impact startups our experience and our network. Our network already unites over 70 successful entrepreneurs with the common goal of improving the world sustainably and rethinking business. And we are convinced that founders are the most effective lever here.

Impact and return approach

Munich Startup: What do you prefer to invest in?

Tina Dreimann: We only invest in startups that pursue a strong impact and return approach and build solutions for pressing social or ecological problems. We focus on the areas of people and planet – from green energy, circular business models and materials to health and education. What is important to us is a scalable business model, an ambitious and diverse team and the stage of the company – ideally startups in the early stages of their development.

Munich Startup: What kind of startup would you never invest in?

Tina Dreimann: We only invest in impact startups. We would never invest in startups that are not sustainable or whose business model is based on the exploitation of resources, people or the environment. In addition, our focus is on startups that were founded in Europe. This means that we do not include teams founded outside the region in the process.

Better Ventures: Focus on European impact startups

Munich Startup: Do startups have to be afraid that you will interfere too much?

Tina Dreimann: No, startups don’t need to be afraid of too much interference. The Better Ventures network is united by strong values. The top value for all of us is “founders first”. In addition, we attach great importance to a partnership of equals, in which we provide ad-hoc support through relevant experience – primarily on request – without restricting the entrepreneurial freedom of the founding team. Our so-called “better angels” have founded, built up or managed companies themselves. They know that the management must be in the “driver’s seat”.

Munich Startup: How long does it take from the first contact to signing the contract?

Tina Dreimann: The time from the first contact to the signing of the contract can vary but depends heavily on the readiness and preparation of the startup. We support some teams well before the financing round. For attractive rounds, we can also reach a decision within two weeks.

Munich Startup: To be successful, a startup must…

Tina Dreimann: … have a clear vision, act in a solution-oriented manner, build a strong and diverse team and pursue a sustainable, scalable business model.

That doesn’t work: lack of transparency or dishonesty

Munich Startup: Tell us the knockout criterion for the pitch!

Tina Dreimann: A knockout criterion in a pitch is a lack of transparency or obvious dishonesty about the challenges the startup is facing. In addition, the teams should have their key figures under control – both in terms of impact and return potential!

Munich Startup: What have you miscalculated in the past?

Tina Dreimann: As an early-stage investor, miscalculation is part of the equation! Precisely because we invest in pre-seed and seed, we can rarely rely on the business models in the annual planning. For this very reason, we focus our due diligence on the team as well as traction and initial problem-solution validation.

What is turning the VC sector upside down?

Munich Startup: The trend of the year is…!

Tina Dreimann: Artificial intelligence, because it will turn the VC sector on its head.

Munich Startup: Last but not least: Who do startups approach when they want to talk to you?

Tina Dreimann: Startups that would like to talk to us can contact us directly via our website. We are open to exciting dialogs and new partnerships.