Conscious Consumption With These Munich Startups

We present five Munich-based startups that make it easy for consumers to consume consciously and sustainably.

Dissolve a tab in water and the bathroom, glass or all-purpose cleaner by Everdrop is ready to use. The Munich startup offers household cleaning products, such as bathroom or all-purpose cleaners, in the form of tabs that can be dissolved in reusable bottles. This allows consumers to avoid single-use plastic – because they don’t have to constantly buy new plastic bottles – and to save the carbon emissions that would have been generated by the transportation of water for conventional cleaning products. Everdrop has now expanded its product portfolio to include laundry detergent as well. The trick here is that the detergent is adjusted to match the hardness of consumers’ local water. The aim is to save on unnecessary surfactants when doing laundry. The appropriate water hardness is determined based on a customer’s zip code. (Photo: Everdrop)