Slush 2021: Finally Meeting Up With People Again

More than 2,000 investors went to Slush in Helsinki in 2019 – which made the event the largest gathering of venture capital in the world. The hosts want to repeat that success now after taking a year off. Being there proves that they pulled it off.

Slush is expecting a total of 8,000 participants this year, including 3,200 startups and 1,500 investors. On the stages – the picture is of one of the side stages before the show started – 150 speakers are expected. The group includes prominent individuals from the Munich startup ecosystem as well, such as Patrick Nahten (co-founder and VP Product of Lilium), Hanno Renner (co-founder and CEO of Personio), Geraldine McCarthy (Chief Revenue Officer of Personio) and Hendrik Brandis (co-founder and Partner of Earlybird). (Photo: M. Feigl – Munich Startup)