Slush 2021: Finally Meeting Up With People Again

More than 2,000 investors went to Slush in Helsinki in 2019 – which made the event the largest gathering of venture capital in the world. The hosts want to repeat that success now after taking a year off. Being there proves that they pulled it off.

After a brief welcome from the Slush team, the first star guest takes to the stage: Tony Fadell (right), the inventor of the iPod and iPhone and founder of the IoT company Nest, tells the audience about his career path. Just one of the things he reminisces about was how in his early 20s in Finland, he was shown the text messaging system before it officially launched and could have never imagined how significant it would become. But now as Principal of the investor Future Shape, he’s gotten better at assessing the value of new inventions. When asked by moderator Michael Stothard (left) about what Future Shape is looking for, Fadell said he’s not interested in metaverse, social media or marketing. He wants to shape the future and save humanity. (Photo: Petri Anttila)