The Anybill founding team (from left to right): Patrick Göttler, Lea Frank and Tobias Gubo.
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Anybill: “We Eliminate Receipt Chaos”

Sales receipts have always been difficult to deal with. Either your wallet is stuffed full of them or they’re in the trash when you realize you need them. And the law making it mandatory to issue receipts that was introduced in Germany in early 2020 hasn’t made the situation any better. How convenient would it be to simply digitize all the paperwork? The startup Anybill does just that.

Munich Startup: Who are you and what does Anybill do? Please introduce yourselves!

Anybill: Anybill’s goal is to deliver a digital receipt for every payment – in retail, banking and payment apps or also without an app – where tomorrow’s consumers expect to get a receipt. To provide comprehensive technical coverage, Anybill is relying on register integration. And with flexible and scalable API services, retailers of all sizes and in all industries are able to create digital receipts. Anybill serves as a technical enabler and uses SDK modules to make it possible to use digital receipts as an embedded service in third-party applications, such as banking or retail apps.

Anybill was founded in December 2019 by Lea Frank (BA in business administration and MS in business information technology), Tobias Gubo (BS in computer science) and Patrick Göttler (BS in business information technology) and has offices in Regensburg and Munich. Lea and Tobias met during a startup competition in Regensburg. Anybill now has a team of 25 techies and visionaries.

Munich Startup: What problem does your startup solve?

Anybill: We take care of the receipt chaos, including sales receipts for everything from shopping to eating out, which also creates new digital contact points with customers.

Munich Startup: But that’s nothing out of the box!

Anybill: We’ve been the original since December 2019.

Munich Startup: What have been your three biggest challenges so far?


  1. Getting noticed
  2. Being taken seriously
  3. Getting strong partners on board

Munich Startup: Where would you like to be in one year, and where in five years?

Anybill: In one year: a bigger team and more acceptance partners. In five years: a comprehensive infrastructure for digital receipts.

Munich Startup: What do you think about Munich as a startup location?

Anybill: It’s ideal for networking, events and cooperating!

Munich Startup: Tea or coffee?

Anybill: Cappuccino with oat milk!

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