“Ois Easy” startup package brings startups from abroad to Munich

International high-tech startups looking to expand to Bavaria often face challenges – questions range from general issues such as "How can I recruit?" to "What is the right legal form for us?". That is why Invest in Bavaria has launched its "Ois Easy" package to support tech startups that want to come to Bavaria.

Invest in Bavaria, the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria, helps international companies to set up business in Bavaria. The agency works with large, established businesses but also and in particular with high-tech startups – for which it has developed a dedicated programme: ‘Ois Easy’.

Michael Blecher, deputy director of Invest in Bavaria:

“With our ‘Ois Easy’ scheme, we are expanding our services to meet the needs of international startups. Thanks to our partnership with Baystartup and the Gründerland Bayern initiative, we are able to offer new companies the perfect conditions for a successful launch in Bavaria.”

In line with their sector and technology specialism, the startups are given a new home in one of the digital startup centres at 27 different sites across Bavaria. The partners work with the startups to establish what site in Bavaria offers the most potential in the light of the local community, clients and suppliers.

The programme was developed in partnership with Baystartup and is being financed by Gründerland Bayern. It supports hands-on international high-tech startups that are planning to take on the German or European market and looking to set up shop in Bavaria.

How is the “Ois Easy” package helping startups?

Carsten Rudolph, director of Baystartup, explains.

“Through Ois Easy, we are supporting international startups by providing coaching and help in developing business plans for the German market.”

Rudolph sees international high-tech startups as a great asset to the local ecosystem and a sign of how attractive Bavaria is as a centre of innovation. He adds:

“This applies in particular to B2B startups from the enterprise software, artificial intelligence, production and mobility sectors. The startups that we judge promising for German investors are given access to our investor network. Last year, for example, we introduced the Australian startup Tiliter to German investors and supported its successful financing.”

Office, network and coaching

The Ois Easy program is designed to help young and innovative businesses enter the market in Bavaria and smooth the way to their market launch. The package includes three months’ free use of co-working space in one of Bavaria’s digital startup centres and a range of coaching options offered by Baystartup. If the young company is interested and investor-ready, Baystartup can also provide access to its financing network and German investors.

All startups need to do to apply is complete a brief questionnaire and submit a pitch deck. No small print, and the process is completely free of charge. Applicants must be planning long-term operations in Bavaria, have a high-tech product, and be less than five years old.

Invest in Bavaria also helps the young companies access the relevant networks and establish themselves in the Bavarian startup scene, and brokers contact with legal firms and tax consultancies for help with setting up a GmbH and with visa queries. According to Michael Blecher:

“We aim to provide tailored support to startups at each stage of their business establishment process.”

Tiliter and Zelros: just two of the ‘Ois Easy’ success stories

Most of the startups to come to Bavaria so far are from the B2B sector, specialising primarily in artificial intelligence (AI) and insurtech. One example is Tiliter (you can see the founders in the photo). This Australian company develops AI-assisted identification systems for retail. Tiliter has now established a GmbH based in Munich. The company currently has six employees and is looking to grow its workforce. Marcel Herz is the CEO:

„For Tiliter, it was strategically important to open a location in Bavaria. The proximity to our customers and its large network, including the great support from Invest in Bavaria and Baystartup, makes Bavaria a perfect location for our startup.“

Zelros, a French AI and insurtech startup, has also set up business in Munich. Clémentine Martin is account executive at Zelros:

„As an AI technology company focused on the insurance sector, expanding internationally, Munich and its insurtech ecosystem as well as various global insurers, was a strategic choice. For Zelros it was important to settle in, establish relationships with insurers and the startup community to rapidly launch our business. „Ois Easy“ supported us continuously to ease our arrival on the German market.“

Applications to ‘Ois Easy’ can be made at any time

Since its launch in mid-2018, the ‘Ois Easy’ programme has already helped a whole range of young startups successfully enter the German market – and nearly all of those businesses have now established or are in the process of establishing a company in Bavaria. Startups that meet all specified criteria can apply to join the programme at any time.