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adnymics: Custom-Tailored Package Flyers

With adnymics, Dominic Romer and his co-founders have developed a production system that is unique in the world. Their development makes it possible for online shops and order fulfillment service providers to create package flyers within the logistic process that are custom-tailored to each individual customer.

Florian Kaufmann, CTO, our interview partner Dominik Romer, CEO, and Dr. Markus Grimm, VP Development of adnymics (© adnymics)

In our interview, Dominik Romer shares with us what was of considerable help when founding adnymics GmbH and why he appreciates Munich as a startup city:

What were the major milestones when founding the company?

The first pilot client was extremely important for us! That helped us in product development and verified what we had planned. We were also able to win some competitions, including the “Gründerwettbewerb IKT-Innovativ” in 2014. The feedback from the seasoned members of the jury helped us to improve our business plan and motivated the entire team to really give their all.

Who particularly supported you from the start?

In the beginning, we received very generous support from the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), an affiliated institute of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. I presented my startup idea there and was able to convince the startup advisors.

We were then accepted into the SCE funding program and were given our own office. We also received quite a bit of help and advice about founding a company, which allowed us to fully concentrate on product development and growth. That really helped us!

Munich: The City of Startup Enthusiasts

What is special about the Munich startup scene?

As a media city, Munich is ideal for us as an IT company. The startup scene just keeps growing here. That makes it possible to network with other founders and companies in the industry at any time, to offer mutual support and to even mix things up a bit at the Munich beer gardens.

Many of our potential clients are also located in or near Munich, which of course helps with development and makes sales easier. On top of that, Munich is full of entrepreneurship enthusiasts and excellent employees.

What advice would you pass on to other founders?


Put together a good and interdisciplinary team! The most important thing is to have people on board who are motivated and want to make a difference from the start.
And when it comes to product development, get in contact with potential clients as early on as possible and get their feedback. Then you can avoid investing resources in features that are incorrect or insignificant.

And where do you see adnymics heading in the next few years?

Since founding the company at the end of 2014, our team has grown to include 14 employees, and we have acquired more clients and won over investors. Next year, we would like to continue our rapid growth and to develop our products. In the next two years, we would like to have become one of the largest digital printing houses in German-speaking countries with our individualized package brochures.